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Music from the Sofa
- 2 Years Together -
2nd of December // 8.30 pm

Celebrating 2 incredible years of Italian street food, fresh Irish ingredients, organic and natural wines… 2 years of unforgettable moments in Cork City.
For 24 months, our journey has been filled with laughter, good vibes, and unwavering commitment. We've cherished every day spent with our amazing customers and our incredible staff, who have become a part of our extended family.
In the spirit of giving back to our amazing community, we're excited to bring back the second edition of Music from the Sofa!
Join us on December 2nd for our intimate music session featuring Rita Lynn, starting at 8:30 pm. 
Rooting her reverence for sensual beauty in how she grew up, Rita Lynn shares her internal world through song. Born one of eight to musical and creative parents, childhood impressions of life in rural North Cork echo in Rita's work. With a confessional approach to lyricism, Rita draws influence from nature, intimacy, movement, heartache and spiritual wonder. Using improvisation, free movement and breathy vocals, Rita hopes to convey a language she sees woven in the natural Irish landscape.

As for the entrance fee, it's "Up to You," and all proceeds will be donated to Unicef Ireland - Gaza Crisis Emergency.
We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Cork for welcoming us with open arms and sharing these two beautiful years with us. 
Save the date and come toast, enjoy music, and spread love with us on Castle Street!

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Our menu reflects tradition, authenticity, affordability and the typical Mediterranean flavour of our dishes. Our food is characterised by freshness, by seasonality of the products used and by being healthy, suiting everybody’s taste and in the possibility for Eco-friendly take away. Our sustainability effort can be found also in our choice to select local products and local ingredients to support the Irish companies.

Inspired by Italy,  grown in Ireland.

Dog Friendly ♡

Inspired by Italy,  grown in Ireland.

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