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We never considered Sonflour as simply a place to eat but a new community, dedicated to a process of continuous growth of the city, promoting cultural activities and events aimed for a social and environmental awareness.

Music from the sofa 5.0

Irish songwriter Lorraine Nash has been steadily building her audience since the release of her debut EP ‘Wildflower’ in 2020. Quickly attracting the attention of Ireland’s music industry with her evocative songwriting and stunning vocals, while receiving praise for the lyrical beauty of her songs. Lorraine has built a loyal fan base with a string of stunning performances. 
At the core of Lorraine’s songwriting is a blend of trad, folk and blues traditions. Drawing on a background of traditional singing, the multi-instrumentalist incorporates the traditional lilt into her live show. Taking inspiration from songwriting legends Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Carole King - fused with contemporary influences like Norah Jones, Gillian Welsh, Billie Marten, Lucy Rose, Gabrielle Aplin and Laura Marling - Lorraine creates stunning, image-laden songs.
Lorraine has received huge support from Irish radio with her singles ‘Wolves’, ‘Sing With Her’, ‘Winter Sun’, and ‘Changing Tides’ spending many weeks on the national broadcaster’s weekly Recommends Playlist, reaching audiences of 1.5 million listeners. According to the Gender Disparity Data Report compiled by WhyNotHer, Lorraine was one of the most played female artists on RTÉ Radio 1 in 2020.

Entrance fees as always are "Up to you" and all the money will be donated to Cork D.A.W.G.

Music from the sofa 4.0

Lisa Gorry is a singer-songwriter, originally from Kildare,
who is now based in Cork. Having been creating music from a young age, Gorry cut her teeth in the Dublin music scene prior to moving to Cork, and developed an intimate but powerful performance style, showcased not once, but three times at Doyle’s iconic Ruby Sessions. Last year, she was awarded funding from the Arts Council to further the recording of her debut album ‘Teething’, which is due for release next year, and which looks at the shift in perspective moving from your 20s into your 30s.
Entrance fees as always are "Up to you" and all the money will be donated to Cork D.A.W.G.

Music from the sofa
beneath the oak tree edition

 Louis Cormack’s songs are for the cold winter nights, stretched summer days, and all the times of change in between. Born in Aberdeen, bred in Wiltshire and refined in Cork, Louis will take you wandering through familiar territories and hidden dreams.
Debut album “Black Waters” out on 25th May 2020.
The album was recorded live to 1/4" magnetic tape.

Entrance fees are "Up to you" and all the money will be donated !

Music from the sofa 3.0

Music from the sofa is back!

Hánt is the moniker of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Howe. Expressed through his voice, guitar, piano and any other instrument he can get his hands on, Dylan is bringing his songwriting back to it’s simplest form, feeling these songs out through emotional intuition and honesty. After years of performing worldwide in a variety of places, he intends on creating an intimate space for these songs to live in. The impressionistic textures against Howe's soaring voice draw the listener into a journey through some of his most intimate and honest work to date.

Entrance fees are "Up to you" and all the money will be donated !

Music from the Sofa 2.0 

The Sonflour community is growing day after day and there is no better way than to celebrate our first anniversary all together! After the success of the first edition, Music from the Sofa will be back Thursday 1st December at 9 pm for the first Sonflour Birthday!
Emily Donoghue is a musician, theatre performer and composer from Galway. Kaleidoscopic sounds and a fierce passion for detail have defined the 26-year-old’s musical path thus far.
Gigging nationally and abroad from the age of 12, Donoghue currently splits her time working as a touring session musician with various bands (TOUCAN, Billow Wood, Paddy Dennehy). Freshly back from a 6 weeks German tour, she will be playing a set of soul and folk classics along with some unreleased originals that have emerged over the last few years.
Entrance fees are "Up to you" and all the money will be donated !

Music from the sofa - First Edition

Music on Sofa was one of the first events presented by Sonflour, Thursday the 27th October and Friday the 28th, Sonflour hosted 2 acoustic concerts, starting from 9 pm. Entrance fees were "Up to you" and all the money will be donated to Cork D.A.W.G.
Sarah Hickey is a songwriter known for her reflective, ethereal yet earthy music. She released her debut single ‘Hollow’ in 2019 and since then has released ‘Free’ and her most recent single ‘Looking For Trouble.’ Sarah has performed in many venues throughout Ireland singing her own music and in the line up of other Irish artists.
Uly. Deeply influenced by pop, soul, jazz, nostalgic production value and doing-it-yourself - Murphy's work is highly personal, exploratory and largely revolves around identity and self all against a backdrop of comforting, immersive and captivating harmony. Praised by the Irish music scene as a fresh new voice to watch, coupled with a high-profile placement on both RTÉ/BBC/Hulu’s Normal People and Conversations With Friends, an ever growing collaborative discography, two recent single releases and fresh off the back of a successful 2022 festival season - Uly is definitely not to be missed.