Our local suppliers

We decided to select mainly local products and ingredients in order to support Irish companies.

Our choice guarantees sustainability and, at the same time, the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Kells Flour

A seventh generation Irish, family-run business specialising in milling, blending and delivering innovative solutions for the bakery trade.

The Little Mill

The Little Mill Wholemeal flour was the first flour in the range and still remains one of our most popular and as with all our products.

Wild Orchard

Based in a little juice factory at the  foot of the Galtees in Co. Limerick, they produce juices and smoothies for delivery all over Ireland. Where possible all their ingredients are sourced in Ireland. No additives, no preservatives, no stabilisers. 100% natural.

Loose leaf

A shop and tasting salon in Cork. They offer a wide selection of finest quality loose leaf teas.


Macroom Buffalo has Ireland’s first and only herd of
milking water Buffalo. They made fresh daily mozzarella from fresh Buffalo milk produced on the farm which is turned into cheese and dispatched that same day.

English Market

 The English Market is, above all else, a food market for essential fresh produce.

Singing frog gardens

Rare and unusual produce, grown chemical free in the heart of West Cork

Wines direct

Wine. it’s not just another drink. It’s about people. It’s about places. It’s a melting pot of history and culture. And most of all, it’s about pleasure. Our mission is to bring you wines that reflect these qualities and that represent the people and places from which they come. As well as offering you great wine, we want you to get closer to the vineyards they come from, which is why we discover the back story behind each and every bottle and share it with you.

Le Caveau

Le Caveau is a family-owned and run independent wine shop established in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1999. Their selection is the result of 23 years spent visiting family vineyards, meeting with artisan winegrowers around Europe and the World.  The vast majority of our wines come from organic and biodynamic vineyards, made with minimal intervention in the winery. They love purity and authenticity.

The Embassy catering

The Embassy catering is a small homebased business located in Cork City center. We make cakes, tarts and sweet treats on demand. All vegan. All delicious.
All our ingredients are 100% vegan. That means no dairy, no eggs and no animal products of any kind. We mainly use local, organic and natural ingredients.

Other International Suppliers

Caffé Giuliano

The search for unique flavors, the creation of new, highly refined blends and the meticulous quest to find the perfect balance between coffees of different origins. Coffee is an ancient product but the Giuliano family continues to play with its endless possibilities.

Something and nothing

Deliciously refreshing seltzers made with natural juices, extracts and botanicals.