Our story

An innovative idea needs a fertile city, in constant evolution and development, to find support and achievement. Starting from this consideration two Italian chefs, settled in Cork, have found the inspiration for a new dining concept, the SONFLOUR.

"A modern restaurant should be composed of two different but compatible souls, which complement and balance each other in order to create a strong and unique identity. It also needs a bright future and profound roots. To build such a restaurant, what is needed is the Son and the Flour. 

The Son represents the future, a more ethical, united and sensitive world. 

The Flour is the homemade bread, it represents simplicity and honesty of an ancient ingredient."

Future and tradition, cuisine and environment, awareness and flavour come together and remodel themselves as a response to the environmental crisis of this new millennium, offering an Eco-friendly vision of an authentic Italian catering.
The Sonflour is going to be a rethinking restaurant with an innovative concept of traditional food, environment and catering.