New artisanal and tasty updates in our menu !!

New artisanal and tasty updates! In our menu you can discover our new Italian street food dishes as:

- Can't help falling in love with truffle - New

Our homemade delicate creamy sauce of ground walnuts, garlic and Extra Virgin Oil topped with Mint Leaves and Truffle Oil, From Liguria to Cork

- Mediterranean Sun

Our Long Fermentation Focaccia Bread served with a selection of Mediterranean Olives, Vegan Cheeze made with Irish Ingredients by MyGoodness and our Habanero Extra Virgin Oil.

I lost my mind by the Shakey Bridge - Spring version

A flatbread similar in style, composition, and texture to modern pizza doughs and topped with a layer of melted vegan butter with marinated Cherry Tomatoes and Caramelised Onion

Is it your first time here?

Our new Artisanal Pizza! A reinterpration, using local products, of the traditonal Cacio e pepe, a dish of only three ingredients, two of which are evident at first glance to anyone familiar with Roman dialect. Cacio is Romanesco for sheep’s milk cheese. Along with pepe, or black pepper, the cheese forms a rich, white sauce that is so delicious that is impossible to forget