Sonflour presents : Music From the Sofa // First Edition !!

We never consider Sonflour as simply a place to eat but a new community, dedicated to a process of continuous growth of the city, promoting cultural activities and events aimed for a social and environmental awareness. Music on Sofa is one of the first appointments presented by Sonflour, Thursday the 27th October and Friday the 28th, Sonflour will host 2 acoustic concerts, starting from 9 pm. Entrance fees are "Up to you" and all the money will be donated to Cork D.a.w.g.

Sarah Hickey is a songwriter known for her reflective, ethereal yet earthy music.
She released her debut single ‘Hollow’ in 2019 and since then has released
‘Free’ and her most recent single ‘Looking For Trouble.’ Sarah has performed in many venues throughout Ireland singing her own music and in the line up of other Irish artists.

Uly. Deeply influenced by pop, soul, jazz, nostalgic production value and doing-it-yourself - Murphy's work is highly personal, exploratory and largely revolves around identity and self all against a backdrop of comforting, immersive and captivating harmony. Praised by the Irish music scene as a fresh new voice to watch, coupled with a high-profile placement on both RTÉ/BBC/Hulu’s Normal People and Conversations With Friends, an ever growing collaborative discography, two recent single releases and fresh off the back of a successful 2022 festival season - Uly is definitely not to be missed.