Veganuary at Sonflour

To celebrate the first Veganuary together, Sonflour will add new tasty products for the next 4 weeks! Starting from Monday the 3rd of January 2022, Sonflour welcomes two new delicious focaccias:

Can't help falling in love with our Focaccia Tartufo

The result of a perfect union between pizza and bread. Simplicity is its strength: equally soft and crispy leavened product, tasty and versatile topped with Truffle Oil, our Homemade Mushroom Cream and Edible Flowers.

I lost my mind by the Shakey Bridge

A flatbread similar in style, composition, and texture to modern pizza doughs and topped with a layer of melted vegan butter with marinated Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic and Walnuts.

Stay Tuned for our delicious surprises in Castle Street !!!